WHAT is it about? Well that’s just the question I asked myself so many thousands of  hours ago. The why of where and who the hell did they think they were? For godsakes! I didn’t want this life and if I’d had a choice I’d have told them to stick it up their arses. Not very Christian of me, but that’s how I felt. Still feel. Life is a sexually transmitted disease. I’m human. Of all loving beings, I’m human. The shame of it. I’d rather not have been born but, hey Ho.  I’m alive. I get on with living. That’s what it’s about: relationships. The greatest wealth on earth is being able to value your relationships above all else. Shame it doesn’t pay the bills, but I’m alive. Let’s hope that it will influence you positively and enrich your mind with creative bull. I do swear. This is English after all. It’s not pseudo – french. We swear. Let’s not beat about the damn bush. I will try be polite but if I’m not… I don’t give a fat rat’s arse anyway. My mother might not like me being too candid. Tactless would be the word shed use, but honest is mine. If this gets published and that’s a big frikking if at that, then what? I dint know. I need to tell it. The story is like a good little girl who deserves her reward and I’m being a bad parent and refusing to allow her to have her merit awards for being so good. Bad parent. Very bad. I must tell all…


Only Adam.


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