A short story made long

Dear women of planet Earth.

Please come down to earth. Your aspirations to make yourself appear better looking in your peers’ eyes is ruining your identity and turning us men off. This constant striving to design your body against the genetic makeup you were infused with by your parents and thousands and thousands of people before you to make you so unique and, you want to be Barbie Doll…


So you get more sex requests?

So that men will stare at you with lust in their eyes?

So when you’re 80 and your breasts point at your nose while you walk around with a zimmerframe and the man of your dreams has never materialised because men don’t love plastic as much as women, will you still be questing for eternal youth…

Let me tell you something. This is a true story. I met a beautiful girl when I was a young man. I chased her like it was the ultimate dream come true and I had to have her. She was beautiful beyond belief in my eyes. She lived my elective lashes because of their length but she would not date me. I tried. she vanished from my life without a trace for over 20 years. I hunted for 3 years for her and didn’t find her. Once in a while I’d try ask people about her but nobody knew… it was sad for me.

She thought she was ugly. The only boy who wanted her made her the most intricate cards for valentines with calligraphy and hand designed artwork that must have taken hours. Days even… “I’m not worth that effort.” She thought. So she started to diet and slim down. She met a man later on and he looked down on her and treated her badly. She dieted more. And then started the diet pills and stopped eating big meals. Then she started to give up meat and miss meals. She cut down almost all her food to a few hundred calories a day to lose weight.

Her father took her to hospital. The diagnosis was anorexia. She had weeks to live. Her teen age size clothes looked like a tent on her. Her legs so thin that a healthy woman’s forearm was more flesh and strength. She nearly died. Several times. She left the man because he was so horrible to her and her dad made her leave him. After all that time, the beautiful woman had kept the cards from her childhood sweetheart and still has them to this day.

The boy grew up to be a man. He was so disappointed that the woman he loved didn’t want him that he thought he wasn’t good enough for anyone. He met another girl who had him eating out her palm in minutes. She was experienced and took his innocence. She was the first girl he ever kissed. I mean properly kissed. They had a child but she dumped him before the baby was born. He only saw the child for a few hours of her lifetime, then fate carried him far away to distant lands. He waited for the mother of his child to ask him back but she never did. He met another woman. He thought that if he couldn’t be with the woman he loved he would love the woman he was with. He married the next wan and had kids with her too. The woman decided to have a few affairs and then their marriage ended. In pain and distrust he found a younger more beautiful woman who was a designer model. They had a fiery romance and she fell for child and they married. He left the country and traveled so far that he could never visit his children ever again. The heartbreak was so great That he swore this would be the last woman in his life. Abroad, he healed and grew into a real man. His love grew and his heart opened again. He sent for his young bride and their child after a time and they joined him in this foreign land. Her beauty grew and his familiarity with her looks became commonplace experience. There was nothing more to their marriage than a physical attraction that faded and jaded so fast that withing w years it fell apart and exploded into nothing leaving 2 more children without a father and a broken woman staring at the mirror trying to look more beautiful than before and find the right man who was not showing up.

10 years passed. She was still alone. She still is alone. Her looks are fading with age. The bitterness grows Inside her. And she refuses all men until the right one comes along. Friends with benefits for her most ardent suitor until Mr. Right.

The man moved on. He met a stranger in her home while doing some work for her one day. They spoke. They clicked. She wasn’t the most stunning woman he’d ever met but he knew in his heart that she was the woman he needed in his life. She was good looking and we’ll mannered. She had poise and charm. She like the way he thought and enjoyed his company. He tried to get her to date him but she wouldn’t. He refused to give up. He chased her endlessly with occasional phone calls until one day her friend called the man up and made a date for them in secret. The lady finally agreed to meet up with him. A few weeks later she fell ill and went into hospital for a week. He visited her every day after wotk that she was in there and they fell in love. When she left hospital he would spend hours on the phone to her. They became soul mates over time. They shared every waking moment together that they could without her family and friends finding out. Out of the blue one day he proposed to the lady and she said YES!

They married 6 months later and have been married ever since. The lady is the true love he always wanted and he is the man of her dreams. They were born over 10,000km apart and have only spent 16 nights apart since they were married 7 years earlier. Her body is broken by illness. Her legs mishap en by disease. Both her hips are broken and he pushes her in a wheel chair when she cannot walk. He washes her hair and styles it better than the professional salon girls. He paints her nails and takes her to movies and feeds her when she’s sick. He takes her shopping wherever she wants to go in the country and stays up late at night in case she needs him. He baths her. Her dresses her. And she is fading away. They speak of the future with diminishing hope and the false nails she loves make her happy even though her fingers are bent and broken out of shape.

He loves her. Her teeth are going crooked and her neck is stiffening. She finds it harder to walk and will need new knees someday soon. Her hips are titanium and shouldn’t have lated as long as this. She cries because she thinks she isn’t beautiful, but he looks at her and says a few simple things…

You’re not likely to win miss universe, but miss universe will not lokely have me. I would never change you for anyone in the world because I love you for who you are. Don’t read beauty magazines anymore; they will only make you feel ugly. No matter what you think or believe, I know your are my Queen of Hearts and I never thought that I would ever have the chance to love and be loved as we do Each other.

The man found his high school sweetheart. He remains married and faithful to his queen of hearts. He has made his peace with the girl of his youth and she now knows that he always loved her and should have accepted herself as she was and maybe things would have been different. to this day they are good friends and he encourages her to grow and keep healthy because to be the most beautiful woman on your life is to accept your best parts and your worst parts and make them your trademark because that’s what a man wants to love: his trademark lover who is a complement to his failings that their strengths make up for each other’s weaknesses and the two are strong as one!


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