new camera nikon d5300 for christmas

I was reading a photography forum online and srumbled over this little ad:

“new camera nikon d5300 for christmas.

“now all I need are some hints and tips on how to use it. currently it remains on auto setting and 99.9% of the other functions are a complete mystery to me.”

My first impression was that if you get something like this and you wanted it then you must have figured out that you’d know what it could do and a pretty good idea of how to get it to do that using… oh for Pete’s sake, woman, put it back in the box and give it back telling them you’re too stupid to use it and save the rest of the world the trouble of solving your problems for you. Is there a code to me it is for this reason and people like this that we have mediocre photographers in the world today and the professional photography world is suffering as a result. The entry level cameras are so good that people think they are easy to operate and that by using high-end equipment become professional photographers, well, I have news for you; you stepped off the boat and started drowning instantly. The audio function is a just incase feature for someone who is taking opportunity shots like Street photography or maybe they taking photos of birds or something that’s moving really slowly and maybe even because some damn fool had the stupidest idea of handing over hi and equipment to complete idiot you know nothing about cameras for digital. There is however some light at the end of the tunnel and that is a very, very, very long tunnel taking many, many years to travel through it and come out the other end actually keen to continue photography with that same type of camera. For most people the best course of action is return the camera to where it came from and get themself an expensive compact camera. It won’t have the same result pictures that you get with us DSLR and that they’d probably be better because the compact camera is well suited your lack of knowledge. Photography is not something that is simple and easy to jump into and expect brilliant Ansell Adams results or Jim Henderson fame all your uncelebrated life, no. That is the Muppets view of reality. The best images are often a freak off-chance attempt to capture something that was rare and unformulated with incredible accuracy and deftness of eye and hand and shutter and aperture and ambient light and lense type and framing setup… hang on. This sounds like a load of effort to gain that simple glorious shot? Yes dearie. Now will you please put that expensive bit of equipment away before you make all the professionals look like complete fools by brand association. Point and shoot a DSLR camera is not. How dare you debase such an incredible device to something as base as a focus-free snapshot camera that fits on a mobile phone, a spy pen or even a watch. DSLR means business. Money-making business. It also means avoid unless you are keen to waste a lot of time doing nothing but learning for many years and hours poring over photos of others and investment of exorbitant amounts of money to achieve mediocrity at best and invisibility at worst.

A website aimed at aspiring photographers pointed this out as I write this article. Go take a look here.


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