A White Horse and a Bow

“It is a terrible day that awaits history to write. I sit here at home and consider all I have researched to realise that the rider on the white horse with a bow has been given a crown. As we approach 1260 days from that time we know the end is close. The end of peace. The rider will go out and declare war on Israel and that will be it: game over. The last cards in the fame are being played out and we know who will win, but the players are unaware that they are mere pawns in something greater and more ancient than they realise. The daily politics are a plaything in the chess of life. There are only two players: America and Iran. Somebody is going to drop a nuclear bomb on Damascus very soon. Who drops it, I don’t know. The Israelis will get the blame and America will turn against Israel and create (has created) an aliiance with Iran. All the Middle East will turn and declare war on Israel. She will last just 2 days.”

There are so many people with so many ideas and suppositions about the last days that there are as many varieties of interpretations of biblical as to create a canonical species list of belief system ideas. With this very issue being at the forefront of my mind I set out to find the truth according to the inspired word of God in English and research it as it appears in the ancient Greek. The above is a sample of what happens when a grain of truth is mixed with populist propaganda. What follows from here is not.

“What happens when you die?”

So you’re thinking of going to Heaven? I call bullshit! I have evidence that contradicts your belief. The Bible is quite clear on this and life after death in the spirit world is a pagan ideology. The truth is somewhat different and so radically different that it is revolutionary. When you die you’re dead, end of story… until the day of resurrection when you will be restored to life to face judgment by Jesus Christ on the great white throne. Somewhere between the death of the apostles around 70 A.D. and 2016 the truth was distorted and twisted to become another propaganda gospel. This isn’t some Jehovah’s Witness theology chat, it’s written from beginning to end of the bible. When you understand what the book of Revelation is about and what it means to the rest of the bible you suddenly understand why a Messianic Christian will be obedient to the commandments of God and Jesus unto death. In time I aim to complete this work and expository journey to benefit those who are lost and questioning the reality of modern life and Christianity as a religion.


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