Biotropic Engineering Design

Civil engineering is the foundation of all great Civilizations

When we consider the history of Engineering and how the great Pyramids came to be it is a great Wonder and Marvel to see the modern world. There is a major problem looming for the modern world and it comes in the form of an oil crisis. The Industrial Revolution lead us to find energy rich sources of fuel and combustible energy products. The nations with the greatest store of energy rich fuel have the greatest wealth. Well it remains true at the at the moment and only in the present time in the short distance future it is going to be totally the opposite. The world is beginning to search in Earnest for alternative fuel sources. There are many sources but not all of them are consistently viable or are they sufficiently powerful to continue the current increase in global population and Civilization expansion. This is where biotropic engineering and design comes to the fore. Adam Shattock is the author of this particular type of engineering. It’s far less of an ethos than it is of a new way of designing civilization from the sky downwards. It turns convention on its head and looks at things from an upside down view of watch we would consider normal in this world today. Cities are by far the greatest energy sinks in the world. Los Angeles consumes a vast amount of energy from the Hoover dam hydroelectric power scheme. Potential energy with gravity and solar energy being the greatest sources of energy in the future there is great need for us to Research and Design things that harness the energy without waste without reliance upon crude oil product or derivatives.

Oil crisis of 2058 is going to prove to be a challenge greater than any other challenge faced in the history of humanity. The world will be substantially different to what we see today it is highly unlikely that we will see in in Great air travel as we do today editors there are about a million people in the air at any second of any given day in 2017. The future has a complete lack of container cargo ships the size of which we see today it will probably be smaller if they are any at all. Medicines will have to be made from alternative products and sources. Fertilisers will no longer be produced using crude oil. Day-to-day activities will become far more labour intensive. Far flung farms will become combined with cities to produce food to sustain large populations in a dense area. Disease malnutrition and starvation are hunting and stalking people already but they don’t know it and government’s are not planning for it nor are they alerting the civilisations that they are governing to the possibility, in fact the inevitability of the failure of oil.

Fossil fuels are a relic of the past and in the future they will be a relic of the past again for a different reason. London is most likely to be the first city in the world to introduce Eden zones and this will be done through biotropic engineering and design.


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