The Missing Law of Thermodynamics

The Absolute Time constant

When considering the universe I thought of the enormous space between subatomic particles and correlation with intergalactic objects. The laws that apply to each must be equal regardless of scale.

It has been proven that time decelerates closer to collections of higher density energy. WE observe this as a slowing down of time It has strange effects on matter, energy and space. To understand the relationships I built a mental model of the parts and terrorised that they must interrelate somehow equally between each of them simultaneously. The only physical shape this could take is a tetrahedron or right regular triangular pyramid.

The base represents time and each of the connected uprights represent matter, space and energy respectively. This model is three dimensional representing four dimensions. It is possibly the greatest advance in undrrstanding since two dimensional Euclidean geometry. Mathematics will never solve a four dimensional problem with a two dimensional understanding of a three dimensional universe. Time is a physical property of the Cosmos and science fails to acknowledge and accept that this is true. We can measure matter space distance but how do you quantify time? how do you quantify its physical proportions? This is where science is failing to achieve anything because it does not recognise time as being a physical property of the physical universe.

Consider for a moment that without the existence of time matter, energy and space would not exist. Time as part of the fourth law of thermodynamics which is explained in the other three which relate to energy space and matter. Special relativity and general relativity fail to acknowledge fully the existence of the physical properties of time but, it does exist. Time must exist because everything is relative to time.

Matter, space and energy exist. The opposing force of all those three; the opposing substance must therefore be time or else the resulting equation cannot be balanced. Most scientists have spent time observing the observable and theorising about their results without looking at the invisible opposing yet equal force and insubstantial existence of time itself.



d^2= mv/2t






This leads to the formula for Absolute Time.

T= c^2/(2Dv^2VEd)

It later occurred to me that with Einstein’s energy formula there was a fault because it only measured instantaneous time at one point and hence was flawed… nobody thought to question the single instant of time because that was all that got measured. Nothing physical ever happens in an instant, and that is a fact. The variability of time is a cagey of vector calculations and unless we factor in the flow of time in the space that occupies it, the energy vector is inconsistent and ledges open to debate the missing gravity of redundancy.


If t1=t2 then it is not required in production of results since it cancels out but, if passage of time is included, there becomes a noticeable difference and general relativity becomes less generalised. Since time firms part of this equation there must therefore be a fourth law of thermodynamics that accounts for the flow of time and it’s limits.

In this I propose that time is a conductor, a translator of energy. Whilst we declare that matter cannot be created or destroyed, we equally do not declare what happens to spent energy. We don’t declare what ires lowest form is and if it had a lowest form, what it looks like. The arrow of time. What an archaic description. Time is the last of the least understood dimensions of the universe and once we decide to study it, we can only learn more about the nature of energy transmission, generation, translation, storage and, dissipation. In this direction we can also discover how to harness the energy in matter which is literally condensed time.

From this we can deduce that time is a function or inverse product of matter since time slows down in the reduced proximity to matter and accelerates proportionately towards the centre modulus of matter’s conglomerate density in a body, whether it be a subatomic particle or nebulous super-structure of multiple galaxies. Without matter, time becomes infinitely small but as density of matter increases, time becomes infinitely larger but since there is a finite amount of matter in the universe, time must therefore approach a finite maximum acceleration and we know this must be true since black holes are the most condensed forms of matter and therefore the highest acceleration of time which precludes the escape of even light because time acceleration exceeds the escape velocity of light and the event horizon is the point at which time passes at the same pace as light and physically restrains matter from escaping the gravitational force of the matter’s proximity.

The only way for the event horizon effect to be reduced is to introduce another dense or massive conglomerate body of matter near the event but accelerating in the opposite direction to the bleak hole. 

Ultimately what I’m proposing is that time is decelerated by energy density and passes as a constant rate of light speed. It is only gravity acting as a decelerating force that slows it down making everything appear older than it really is. 1 second on the edge of the universe is not the same duration as 1 second on earth. Therefore we cannot compare universal time with anything and consequently our measurement of distance is greatly overestimated by distortion of time itself. 


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