Random thoughts…

In case I decide to post something random that’s meant to be meaningful. No, meaningful to me. You’re just an observer. You don’t have the luxury of interfering with my randomness. Not yet at least; maybe never at all. Don’t ask. I don’t like having to say no, but I will if I have to.

I just figured out that my family set the history of English and Scottish parliament in stone for hundreds of years by helping bonnie prince Charlie escape to France. Even more frightening is the fact that my ex wife was one of his descendants too. A direct descendant according to her mother. She’s dead now but, yes, I believed her. It was her Scottish husband that was the direct part. The fate of England and Scotland cemented by one heroic woman and then her descendant married one of his descendants and joined their history together for all eternity in the persons of my son and my youngest, my daughter.


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